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with Clarity, Productivity, and Balance.

Get Everything Together Easily - And Move Faster Towards Your Goals.

Built on a Powerful Platform

for Incredible Productivity

Introducing a premium Notion Template built on Notion’s free platform, which millions of people use.

With Life Vision OS, you have an organized and efficient workspace tailored to meet your needs without spending months fine-tuning it yourself.

Get it done with Life Vision OS!

Why Choose Life Vision OS?

Cultivate Superpowers

Unlock your potential with extreme focus, supercharged memory, and personal transformation. Reach your goals with purposeful planning in every area of life.

Offload to Your Digital Brain

Free your mind and enjoy the journey! Capture tasks, ideas, mental notes, and worries in your digital brain. Set reminders to review them later so you can live without being weighed down by the clutter.

Stay True to Your Goals

Gain clarity and constantly grow towards your life goals. Embrace a holistic view and never lose sight of what’s important, even when life gets in the way.

The 15 Areas of Life Vision OS

To help you stay organized and on top of all the important things in life


Planning Zone

Plan for the weeks ahead and get a bird's-eye view of your projects and goals. Make sure you're on top of the tasks that need to be done, and make each day count.

Organization Zone

Sometimes things slip through the cracks. Our tool won't let that happen! Life Vision OS displays all incomplete entries across pages so that you won't miss a thing. Keep track of your progress and stay organized with ease.


Enhance your daily routine with inspiring reflections and meaningful prompts. Set intentions, practice your spirituality, cherish special moments, and find comfort on difficult days. Track memories that fill you with awareness and understanding.


Personal Growth

Embrace your highest potential. Find guidance and inspiration to meet your personal goals by building your collection of wisdom and transformative media.

Knowledge Hub

Organize and keep track of inspiring ideas, quotes, learnings, and more. Easily review and refresh your knowledge by having everything arranged according to topic and tags.

Media Library

A space to store information on all your media! From books, movies, shows, music, video games and more – easily keep records of lessons, insights, and thoughts. Enjoy the convenience of finding and reviewing all your favorite educational and entertainment content with ease.



Plan your trips or make a bucket list! Special templates allow you to create a comprehensive record of each adventure's places, experiences, and memories. Remember the incredible destinations and activities you’ve conquered by recording them all in one spot - making it easy to look back on your amazing travels.


Stay organized and up-to-date with your valuable collection! Whether you have fashionable clothes, precious stamps, impressive cards, original artwork, or other memorabilia, it's important to keep track of them all.


Secure your future shopping and keep track of all the items you desire with an easy-to-use Wishlist organized by categories, price, and planned purchase date!



Easily remember to keep in touch with people. Always follow up, have catch-ups, reach-outs, check-ins, and give shoutouts when appropriate. Keep the lines of communication open for a better connection.

Home + Family Hub

Make life easier by keeping all your important information in one place - warranties, insurances, contracts, and receipts for both homes and vehicles. With this convenient and easy-to-use tool, you can efficiently run the house. Plus, create a profile for each family member with vital information such as health records, school documents, etc. Even your furry friends can have their profile!


Capture and record the highlights. Connect them with people, trips, family achievements, or experiences to make returning to those special moments even more remarkable.


Health + Fitness + Meal Prep

Stay on top of your health by tracking markers, symptoms, measurements, fitness levels, medications/supplements, and meals. With comprehensive monitoring of these critical elements, you can stay ahead of any potential issues and optimize your overall well-being.


Stay organized and progress with your career by tracking your accomplishments! Record any certifications, projects you've completed, inventions or creations you've made, and metrics you've achieved.


Stay on top of expenses, income, and accounts. And budget like a pro! See if you are under or over budget in your created spending categories.

Additional Power-Packed Features

  • Daily Focus Dashboard to block out distractions and stay focused on the essential tasks
  • Quick Capture Page for quick mobile entries to save time and effort
  • Pre-made Entry Prompts/Guides to keep everything consistent and efficient
  • 44 Databases interrelated across life areas so you can access all your data with ease
  • Simple, Minimalist Design customizable to suit your needs perfectly
  • Unlimited Entries allow you to track any data from journaling, finances, goals and projects, media consumption, relationships, and more
  • Advanced Search & Filtering for easy data retrieval when needed
  • Great Dynamic Views designed to last with no manual duplication required for new months or years
  • Read Me Guides throughout the template
  • Access to Quarterly Notion Covers Sets
  • Dark-mode ready for mobile and web

Hi, I'm Daisy!

I'm the creator of Life Vision OS. My mission is to help others organize their lives, align with their goals, and move towards achieving their vision. I believe in taking a holistic approach to life and that every area is interconnected and can fuel each other. With my templates and services, I'm here to help you find the balance and clarity you need to make your dreams a reality.


What is Notion?

Notion is a productivity and collaboration tool that allows you to plan, write, and think exactly how you want. With Notion, you can easily capture thoughts, manage projects, and even run an entire company. Join the millions of people using Notion!

Life Vision OS has taken Notion's advanced features to make it even more helpful for complete life management - no need to spend time building and then fine-tuning your workspace from scratch.

Do I have to have a paid plan with Notion to use this template?

Nope! On Notion's free plan, everything in Life Vision OS will function perfectly.

Can I make changes to the template?

Absolutely! Since Life Vision OS is a Notion template, it automatically becomes a part of your workspace. You can change anything you want after that. Be careful, though, that altering the design can make it more difficult to integrate any future updates. We provide a thorough guide for every update, but they can only demonstrate how to apply the change from the original template.

Is the template easy to install?

Yes, it sure is. Once on the Notion template page, click the "duplicate" button in the upper-right corner and select your workspace. Your template should appear instantly.

What is your refund policy?

We want you to be happy with our products. If you have any questions, concerns, or troubles with our templates, don't hesitate to contact us at If you're still not happy, you can request a full refund within thirty (30) days of purchase by emailing us at The 30-day period begins from the purchase date. In order to receive the refund you'll need to provide the email used for the purchase. Refunds will be issued to the original payment method.

What if I still have questions?

You can contact us at for any further questions. We are here to help.

Are You Ready to Achieve Your

Life Vision?

Life Vision OS

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A complete system to help you stay productive and accomplish your goals and ambitions.
  • Daily Focus Dashboard
  • 15 Areas within the Plan, Growth, Interests, Connect, and Wealth categories.
  • 44 Databases Interrelated across Life Areas
  • Pre-Made Entry Prompts
  • New Notion Cover Sets Released Quarterly
  • And More!
✪    30-Day Money-Back Guarantee    ✪

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Your All-In-One planner covering finance, career, health, travel, personal growth, and more — everything you need, seamlessly integrated.

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